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And now ... I'm looking for a new place to live!

*thumbs up*

If you guys know of anyone looking for a roommate, let me know!
I was going to say that I have nothing to complain about, having a warm place to stay and a big bowl of collard soup and a super-hot Jewish boy waiting to see me.

But then, Eartha Kitt died, and now I feel a bit sad.

Don't forget, minna-san!

If you take the bus, check here for updates from Metro!

Just to pass this along:

Rent my ex-boyfriend's house!

I spent 2 months there; it really is a nice place. If you have any questions, there's contact info on the ad.

The house is near every major grocery store you could possibly need: QFC and Fred Meyer are within spitting distance. Trader Joe's is not even half a mile away. Seriously, the location is primo and you'll have a fair and nice guy for a landlord. Win-win!
The question of what dog the Obamas will get has now become an international incident.

In unrelated news, I've lost my voice! :( Of course, this happened just as a guy asked me out on a date. *sigh*

I will have to flirt using sign language for the next couple of days!

matters of epic importance

The whole world was watching. By morning, the Obamas were flooded with advice on how to choose the First Dog. Once again, Obama had shown he could capture the imagination of red and blue Americans alike. And once again, they resorted to partisan bickering.

The American Kennel Club, which has been on the case for months, urged the Obamas to get a poodle. An August poll of 42,000 Americans selected the breed largely because of its low-dander coat. (Malia has allergies.) Animal-welfare groups chimed in with pleas for the family to adopt a shelter dog, and the humorless wags at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals declared that buying a purebred would be "elitist."

The Boston Globe gives the Goldenoodle Lobby a voice here.

This is Serious Business, y'all.

And with that, I bring you: http://www.nameobamaspuppy.com/

I hope this post brings you as many smiles as it brought me. :)
I'm excited about Obama being president, but I must confess that I am even more excited that Elizabeth Dole has been given her walking papers.

Dole used what has to go down as one of the slimiest TV spots in history (so slanderous that a lawsuit was filed immediately after the ad went to air) to try to alienate NC voters from her rival. Thank GOD that NC saw through that horrible ruse.

Kay Hagan is a Sunday school teacher and a friend of my family. She'll be a fantastic US Senator! See you in DC, Kay!

another rant about Proposition 8

I feel very strongly about this issue, so I'm sorry, but I have to comment on this before I go to the polls.

Coverage about Proposition 8 has me a bit steamed, so I'm just going to put the rant here.

(1) I deeply resent the notion that -- solely due to my skin color -- the media assumes that I am somehow predisposed to be against gay marriage. I don't know how to respond without spewing vitriol, but let's just say that I have had a vested stake in the progression of the rights of gays and lesbians for longer than I can remember (at least since childhood) and any assumption to the contrary deeply, DEEPLY offends me.

I see the acceptance of gays and lesbians in communities of color to be largely a cultural and generational issue. That is, younger folks (who have certainly had more contact with open gays and lesbians than older folks) tend to be more sympathetic to gay and lesbian people. This is true across the skin color spectrum.

(2) You cannot "teach" a child to be gay any more than you can teach a sack of potatoes to tap-dance. Again, I don't understand how one could come to such a conclusion. It seems too fantastic to be believed.

(3) We are on the precipice of a building a society for ALL people ... not just the straight folks, not just the black folks, not just the high-tech workers, and not just the homeless folks on the corner. This country is better than the underlying sentiment behind Proposition 8. The divisiveness behind this proposition render it unfit to remain in the California constitution (or any constitution). Separate but equal didn't work 40 years ago and it's not going to work now.

This vote is about civil rights, pure and simple.

Draw the line in the sand, California. Proposition 8 is not appropriate in these modern, inclusive times. Say no to hatred.

Lord knows, I'm gonna need it.

If you want to know why I live in Seattle, this is why!


Top that!


By the way, this is the other reason why Seattle is the place for me! Not one, not two, but THREE stores in the Seattle area! Halle-freakin'-lujah!